This is what Federal judge Robart’s suspension of President Trump’s Executive Order means for immigrants

Federal judge James Robart temporarily halted Trump's travel ban nationwide.

Late last Friday, Washington federal judge James Robart issued a ruling suspending President Trump’s Executive Order that had halted the country’s refugee program and banned nearly all travel from seven Muslim-majority nations.

On early Sunday morning, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Judge Robart’s ruling, and the nationwide lift of the ban remains in place, providing immediate relief to all those affected, even while the Trump Administration appeals the decision.

Judge Robart’s ruling does the following:
Lifts the ban on almost all immigrant and nonimmigrant entry from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen
Reinstates the refugee resettlement program, and allows in refugees already scrutinized by at least four Federal agencies and officially approved for entry
Allows for the reinstatement of visas canceled as a result of the January 27th executive order, allowing the resumption of travel.


Source: New York Immigration Coalition